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Todd, Casey Kelly & Tim Buppert on Supreme Court Steps during "Grokster"hearings

Good Morning Beautiful's final chart numbers

GMB went to Billboard's Recurrent chart this week (falling below the top 20), so here are the amazing final statistics on Good Morning Beautiful on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart:

41 weeks in the top 60
36 weeks in the top 40
27 weeks in the top 20
15 weeks in the top 10
10 weeks in the top 5
5 weeks at #1

Looks like the odds on favorite to be the #1 song of the year for 2002. A couple contenders for this will be My List by Toby Keith (Currently spending its 5th week at #1 on Billboard) and Steve Azar's I Don't Have to Be Me Til Monday (been on Billboard Hot COuntry Chart for 32 weeks, now climbing slowly till recently as the song is now rocketing up the charts, and looks to possibly go #1 either next week or the week after. We will now in approximately 7 months where GMB will last in the year end countdown.




     This award honors songs that were featured in a motion picture and which earned the highest number of performance credits in the 2002
survey year.

from Coyote Ugly
Publisher: REALSONGS

from Angel Eyes

from Training Day
Writers: NELLY
Publishers: BMG SONGS, INC.

from Mr. Deeds


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After a Long Night, Itís "Good Morning Beautiful"
Edward Morris

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"Good Morning Beautiful" came at the end of a very long night. Tuesday (Feb. 26) friends, family and business associates assembled at the ASCAP offices in Nashville to congratulate the songís writers, Todd Cerney and Zack Lyle, and singer Steve Holy. Holyís recording of the song has stayed at the No. 1 spot for five weeks on both the Billboard and Radio & Records charts.

Five weeks may seem a long time, but itís nothing compared to the time Cerney, Lyle and Holy had to wait for "Good Morning Beautiful" to make something of itself. The song was less than a year old and had already been pitched to other artists (including Bryan White, who passed on it) when it was brought to Holyís attention in 1997. At the time, he had not yet signed to his current label, Curb Records. He said "Good Morning" was the first song pitched to him and that he liked it "immediately."

Thereís another first involved. "Good Morning Beautiful" is also the first of Lyleís songs to be recorded. Cerney is a veteran composer, whose many credits include "Iíll Still Be Loving You," recorded by Restless Heart and named ASCAPís country song of the year for 1987.

"Itís only because [Steve] believed in the song that this happened," Cerney told the well-wishers. Added Lyle, "We probably have the same people here who have heard me sing ĎGood Morning Beautifulí at writerís nights for the past four years."

Holy disclaimed all responsibility for the songís success. "You wrote a hit, and you know it," he told the writers. "I donít deserve any credit. I just took a hit and karaoked it."

Among the luminaries attending the celebration were songwriters Wood Newton ("Riding With Private Malone"), Vince Melamed ("Walkaway Joe") and Richard Fagan ("Sold, the Grundy County Auction Incident"); singer/guitarist Bill Lloyd; Brien Fisher, producer of the Kendallsí CMA- and Grammy-winning single, "Heavenís Just a Sin Away"; Lee Stoller, producer, manager, biographer and husband of inspirational singer Cristy Lane; and Kip Kirby, former TNN reporter and Cerneyís wife. Holyís producer, Wilbur Rimes, did not attend.


On The Rise: Curb's Steve Holy Shines With 'Blue Moon'

By CARLA HAY-Billboard Magazine

Steve Holy is anything but an overnight sensation. Nearly 18 months after the release of his debut album, Blue Moon (Curb Records), he has hit big with his first No. 1 country single, "Good Morning Beautiful," and breakthrough sales for the album. Although Holy's three previous singles ("Don't Make Me Beg," "Blue Moon," and "The Hunger") earned respectable places in the top 30 of the Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart, "Good Morning Beautiful" has hit the proverbial home run by topping the chart. Holy believes that airplay for "Good Morning Beautiful" (which was featured in the movie Angel Eyes) has been the catalyst in jump-starting sales for the album. "The success of the other three singles really opened the door, but having a No. 1 song has taken things to a new level."

Released in October 2000, Blue Moon did not enter the Heatseekers chart until a year later, debuting at No. 44 in the Nov. 3, 2001, issue. The album steadily ascended the chart, reaching No. 1 in the Jan. 26 issue. Blue Moon attained Heatseekers Impact status when it rose from No. 120 to No. 97 on The Billboard 200 in the Feb. 2 issue. Meanwhile, Blue Moon has become a top 10 hit on the Top Country Albums chart.

" 'Good Morning Beautiful' has been one of our most-requested songs," says Rick McCracken, assistant PD/music director of country station WSOC Charlotte, N.C. "Steve Holy is very talented and likeable, and this is the kind of song that appeals to men and women." The video for "Good Morning Beautiful" has been getting heavy rotation on Country Music Television and Great American Country.

The combination of radio and video airplay has been the main reason why people are recently discovering Holy's album, says Cliff Gerken, music buyer for Ernest Tubb Record Shop's Broadway location in Nashville.

Curb VP of marketing Jeff Tuerff says Holy's current success is "a culmination of all the team efforts from Curb. We experienced a lot of growing pains with this record, and we're starting to see great results.

"We started off with five core markets: Atlanta, Dallas, Cincinnati, Louisville [Ky.], and Phoenix," Tuerff continues. "When we analyzed the airplay [for Holy] in those markets, they had immediate reactions. We then supported those markets and tried to maximize the airplay, and we grew it from there to other markets."

A native of Dallas, Holy paid his dues in the '90s by performing in the Texas area. His break came in 1993, when he placed first among 500 hopefuls in a talent contest organized by the Johnnie High Country Revue and joined the revue's cast. The Arlington, Texas-based talent show has been a launching pad for such artists as LeAnn Rimes. By 1999, Holy was the opening act for Rimes and was signed to Curb. (Ironically, Rimes' father and former manager, Wilbur Rimes, produced Blue Moon.)

Holy, who now splits his time between Nashville and Dallas, notes: "I don't want people to label me. The majority of my influences I would consider traditional country, but I feel closer to the music of the '50s and '60s than the music of the '80s. I'm not necessarily into story songs. I'm into the simplicity of the music and melodies that express the same thing as the lyrics."

Holy is now on a U.S. tour booked by Nashville-based Monterey Artists. He is managed by Lyle Walker Management in Dallas. Holy's songs are published by Curb Music (ASCAP).

Tuerff says the record company will emphasize the romantic theme of "Good Morning Beautiful" in Valentine's Day promotions for the song on radio, TV, and the Internet. Meanwhile, Holy says, "The recognition has been great, but one of my goals is that I would [still] like to be doing this for a living in 10 years.

Check out Steve Holy's new tour dates on the Tour Schedules link above.


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